This is a quick overview of the project, if you don't want to go paging through the blog.  

This is how it started, with a basic MAN 290HP dual cab 4x4 chassis:

So far, it has taken about 2 years work to get it to its current stage, where the canopy is 75% finished and it is quite usable as a camper. All the essentials have been finished, so it has:

  • 425L of water on board, which is filtered and pumped to the inside cabin (also with an outside hot/cold shower)
  • a gas/electric hot water service
  • a kitchen, with running water, a microwave, a sink, a fridge and a gas cooktop
  • a bathroom with a composting toilet and a 'recycling' shower
  • a full sized permanent bed, with a TV/DVD player at the foot of the bed
  • plenty of cupboards inside
  • plenty of external storage space for 'dirty' stuff, like campfire things, a generator, and so on.

Replacing the standard skinny tyres with Super Singles, and adding the shell of the canopy got it to this:

Inside the canopy, I have built a kitchen area, with under-bench Ikea cupboards and a 12v/240v fridge freezer:

A full sized permanent bed:

There is a separate  toilet/shower area, with a composting toilet that uses no water or chemicals (just Peat Moss):

The table plinth holds the important things, like champagne and wine glasses. They are in a custom built foam holder so they won't smash into each other on rough roads:

Outide, there are storage bins for the gas cylinders and other assorted items that get dirty when camping that don't need to come inside, like a firewood, billies, tools, tow-ropes and so on:

Inside the truck cabin, it is quite civilised and much like any modern European car.

It is a pretty big beast of a thing.  Here's me standing in front of it to give you an idea of the scale of things:

It's been away on a couple of trips so far, down to the beach and up to the Flinders Ranges, where it was extremely impressive over corrugated roads:

That's a quick overview. For a whole lot more detail, go to the Blog area and start trolling through all the posts.