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Latest truck weights

Latest truck weights

Nov 15 2014

No pictures for this post!

I took the truck over the local weighbridge yesterday, now that a whole lot more things have been fitted and the water tank is filled up, and we have (just) gone over 9 tonnes. Last time I weighed it (about 9 months ago) it only weighed 8 tonnes.

The stats were:

  • Front Axle: 4,310 Kgs
  • Rear Axle: 4,720 Kgs
  • Total truck weight: 9,030 Kgs

This includes the spare tyre being in the back (which is about 130Kgs on its own), and a lot of 'personal' stuff like clothes, toiletries, crockery, cutlery, food, and so on. 

The last really heavy things yet to be fitted are the Honda 3Kva generator, which will be another 60Kgs or so, and the 2nd spare tyre (no rim though) at 75Kgs.

So, it looks like the final drive away weight is going to be closer to 9.5 tonnes than the 9 tonnes that I'd hoped for.

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