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Four days on the beach

Four days on the beach

Nov 25 2014

We've done another small shakedown trip, and took the MAN to a beach a few hundred Kms away from home for a 4 day long weekend.

This trip was to the western side of Yorke Peninsula, in South Australia. Discovered a couple of issues that need attention, such as my special air-dryer "muffler" not being robust enough and blowing a pipe (the muffler makes the nasty hissing noise from the air dryer a lot quieter), but generally no problems at all. The new internal shower worked well, as did the composting toilet which was completely smell free.

We had a great spot, and over 4 days we probably only saw about 6 or 8 other people on the beach.  The dog loved it, that's for sure!  Weather was 30 degrees most days, and the water was surprisingly warm for the start of summer.


I tried out my new Phantom Vision2+ drone, and I've got a small YouTube video with some shots down below in this post. Unfortunately I crashed it into the only fence around for about 10 miles and smashed a propeller, but not too serious.  You're supposed to be able to see the vision from the drone on your phone (attached to the hand controller) but in bright sunlight it is quite difficult.  I might try a bigger screen, like an iPad next time.


Other than that, it was just four days of doing nothing. I read half a book, and that's about it!


This is how the beach looked, in both directions, from where we camped.


One evening we got hit by a brief thunderstorm, with big winds, so we had to pack up our camping table and chairs and set them up inside the truck. One of the next big jobs on the to-do list is to build the internal seats and table top.


We made a list of things that we need to take/modify for the next outing:

  • Fire poker
  • Clothesline/pegs
  • Handbroom/pan
  • Scissors
  • Fly swat
  • Paper maps

Every trip refines things a bit more!


Video with some test shots from the Drone

The real video (as opposed to the one uploaded to YouTube) is much higher quality (1080p) but that turned into a 1Gb file which was waaaay too big to upload, so I had to reduce the quality for YouTube.  However, you get the idea of where we were and the sort of shots you can get with a drone.  And it was a lot of fun flying it!


Some stats for anyone who is interested!

Trip distance: 570Kms

Fuel used: 146 litres

Consumption: 25.6L/100Km (highest consumption shown on the dash was brief periods of over 70L/100Km in the very soft sand)

Driving time: 8 hours 30 minutes

Average speed: 67Km/h

Water usage: 160L (40L / day)

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  Awwww.. very jealous! Great truck, great trip, keep doing it! Love the video, thanks for sharing :)
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Isuzu Swag
  Looking good.. It has taken me some years to get my vehicle set up right.. Everything from USB power points and small inverter mounted under the dining room table for charging phones ot IPads when camped, to bedside USB charging points to making plate and cup holders to stop them being thrown around when traversing rough ground... Oh yes, and a fruit basket that holds the fruit in sight and won't spill it again on rough ground
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SuperUser Account
SuperUser Account  Thanks - it has been slow going, but it is coming along. Only another year until it's complete I think!!
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