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Cushions for the seat base

Cushions for the seat base

Jan 20 2015

Not having done much sewing in my lifetime, I had to get up to speed on how to work with fabric to make some covers for the foam seat bases. My old eyes had a devil of a time getting the thread through the eye of the needle, plus the convoluted way the thread is setup took some thinking too.

I started with a prototype in some left over canvas that I picked up cheap from a garage sale.


I sort of had the right idea, and apart from some puckering it was a reasonably good fit, so I moved on to the real fabric, which is a marine type cloth upholstery.

I just set the foam on top of the fabric,and traced the edges, minus about 5mm to make the fabric slightly undersized so it was stretched over the foam a bit.

The grey foam is the base and the yellow foam is the seat backs. The base is a much 'stiffer' foam than the back.


A few mathematical calculations to work out where the seams had to fold and be sewn, using my trusty ruler protractor, and it was ready to be cut.


Working with fabric is quite unlike metal or wood!  Gone are any thoughts of precision, and things to the nearest 5mm seem to be good enough. Plus, my straight stitching was not always that straight!


Once the sewing was done, we test fitted it to the seat base using a staple gun.



With a bit of stretching and stapling it looks really good (for our first ever go at upholstering anyway). I am sure a professional would have done a tidier job, but we were well pleased with how it turned out.

I've got to sort out how the seat is going to attach to the base, because they still need to be removable to get to the storage area underneath, but that will be next weekend's job.

And this is a photo a week later than the shots above, where I've done the backrests too.  Everything is just sitting there un-attached at the moment, just to see how it fits together.  It will all have to come out to get the final finishing to fix in properly, maybe with some velcro on the back of the backrests.

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