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Lots of small jobs

Lots of small jobs

Mar 12 2015

There are a lot of small jobs that needed finishing off. Things like:

  • Fitting the stereo
  • Making some 'Sand' tent pegs
  • Finding a way to protect bottles in transit
  • Covering up the electrical wiring in the garage area

I bought a marine style stereo, not that I needed the waterproofness but more to cope with dust, and I settled on one from Fusion (designed in NZ).  It has a flip down cover into which you can insert an iPhone and you get full control of the phone from the front panel of the stereo. You can also plug in a USB stick, and it has AM/FM and UHF radio reception. Because it is designed for a yacht, it has 4 volume zones, so we can set the inside speakers to level 5 but the outside speakers to level 8 and so on (or you can turn off the outside speakers and just leave the inside ones on). I've only got 2 zones up and running at the moment.

Because it protruded into our linen cupboard, I thought I'd better make a cover around all the wires and to keep an air gap all around the stereo, so out came the 1mm aluminium sheet which got bent up into this:

And then fitted into the cupboard like this:

You can see the USB stick poking up through the big hole in the cover. Everything else is inside the cover.

The next small job was a couple of sand pegs for the awning. We've had our beach shelter blow down a few times, so I though something wide and long would be the answer. No good for rocky country, but perfect for sandy situations. They are about 400mm (16") long.

Keeping bottles from clinking against each other was another issue to solve.  I found someone selling protective plastic netting used for wine bottles, and thought that would do the job, so I bought a roll of it to test it out. It works really well, and you can still see through the plastic to see what's inside.

It fits anything from 25mm to 125mm (1" to 5").  Unfortunately they only sell it in quarter of a kilometer rolls, so I have got more than I'll ever need for the rest of my life!

Last small job for the weekend was to cover up the electrical wiring inside the 'garage' area, so that things wouldn't short circuit if boxes moved around. Again, it was just a small cover in 1mm ali with some opaque HDPE sheet on the inside to insulate the ali.

Once fitted, it tidies things up no end.

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