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Three trivial jobs

Three trivial jobs

Apr 12 2015

Haven't had a lot of time up my sleeve in the last few days, so I've just done a few small things as time permitted.

Paper towel holder

I didn't like the plastic paper towel holders available at the local hardware shop much, so I made a simple one from a length of stainless steel rod.  Just bent it up in the vice.

It's just got a single TIG tack weld holding it together. I riveted it to the inside of the hot water service cupboard, and this is how it looks with a roll of paper on it:


Firelighter holder

This is just a cylinder I rolled from a piece of scrap 1.2mm aluminium sheet. It is lined with some scrap flooring rubber to stop any rubbing.

It is fixed underneath the top of the BBQ box, which was wasted space, with a simple bungee strap and a hook to keep it in place. This is the easy way to start a campfire!!


Insect screening

This was going to be a great idea, but in practice the magnets that are supposed to hold the screens together, don't work all that well.

It is held on with Velcro, so easy to remove.

Luckily I bought two of them, so prototype number 2 will be a better fit.  It seems that you need to leave 10mm or so of slack material so the magnets can get close enough to grab.

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