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Curse the Chen Fong company

Curse the Chen Fong company

Apr 18 2015

I said bad words about Chen Fong Industries, when their 6 month old gas regulator decided to gush gas everywhere a few days before we are scheduled to depart.

We (luckily) decided to test the hot water service and shower prior to leaving. Turned on the water; got the HWS full of water; checked flow in shower; turned on the gas... only to get a huge whistling gush from the regulator. 

At only 6 months old, I was NOT impressed.  It's not so much the cost of replacing the regulator, but more the hassle of removing the dud one and fitting a new one when we've got a pretty tight schedule.

This is the old reg:

I did some internet searching and it seems to be a common issue. One poor bloke had gone through 7 regulators in 5 years. The local company I bought it from was a dedicated gas specialist, so I didn't expect to get a crappy unit from someone like that.

Seeing as the unit has 6 screws around the diaphragm, you might think you can just buy a spare part and repair it. Nope. All you can do is chuck it out.

Anyway, decided to lash out and spend not a whole lot more on an American Marshall brand regulator. $65 compared to $45, so not serious money at all, and if I'd known how flakey the Chinese ones were I'd have gone straight for an Australian/American one.

This is the new unit:

Let's hope it lasts more than 6 months. Or there'll be more bad language!



BTW: I bought it from a company called Blue LPG in Victoria. They were excellent: good advice and quick delivery. 

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  I work in the caravan industry in south Australia and wholeheartedly agree with you on this. We got sent these when we ordered from one of our supplies and refused to put them on the shelf
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SuperUser Account  Yeah - for the small price differential, it's not worth the grief.
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