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All that from a girl's point of view...

All that from a girl's point of view...

Apr 30 2015

Leaving home

So, we are nearly three weeks into our big adventure ... so far the most difficult part was getting out of Adelaide. After being waved off by a small farewell party, we stopped firstly at the window manufacturers to have a leaky window checked out (lots of spraying with water, humming and inhaling through gritted teeth), then onto Aldom to have a few extra rivets put into one of the under chassis lockers.  Finally, quite some time later, we made it past Gepps Cross.

David has posted about our first few days so I won't repeat all that again....except to add that it is quite possible that we have visited every hardware store and/or truck shop in Port Augusta looking for a special piece of hose....


Coober Pedy to Alice Springs

Having had a brief look around Coober Pedy, which we found to be well...different (but it does have a fabulous IGA), we bypassed our plan to camp at The Breakaways which was a 30km deviation from the main road.  Instead, we pushed on a found a nice spot well back from the road at Mathesons Bore.

Our aim the following day was to reach Eurldunda and find a spot nearby to camp.  However, after a good run we stopped for fuel and then pressed onto a bushcamp about 30 km's from Yulara.  



More to follow...

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