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Not quite Lake Eyre

Not quite Lake Eyre

Sep 09 2012

Well, we got to within 20 Kms of Lake Eyre, but in the end the mud got us.

We set off from Adelaide in our 110 Land Rover Defender (driven by the girls), and two BMW motorbikes (a 1200GSA and a 650GS) ridden by the boys.

Our camping setup was a rooftop tent plus a stand alone tent that marries up to the rear of the 110.  We started out thinking of doing a "bikes only" expedition, but it soon was apparent that the amount of gear we wanted to take for 5 days of camping was never going to be carried on 2 motorbikes. Enter the new idea: let's ask the girls to come too :)

So it ended up being pretty civilised, with a fridge and cold beer and a proper bed.

It didn't seem too wet when we started out, but in the previous week they had had 50mm of rain north of Marree. The further north we went, the more slippery the roads became.


We stayed at Muloorina Springs, about 40Kms from Lake Eyre. Fantastic campsite. Plenty of water and even a good amount of firewood.

The springs are fed from a hot bore, with boiling hot water at the source of the springs, and a gradual decrease in temperature the further you went downstream.  At one point there is a big pool with water at hot bath temperature - so perfect for a long soak.

Getting out to the Lake was "interesting". Water was standing in all the hollows and even when the surface looked OK, it was pretty slippery on a motorbike!

After 15Kms of this we eventually gave up, and had our picnic by the side of the track before turning back again.


Pretty idyllic campsite.  Shade + water + no other people around for miles!

This what the road out to Lake Eyre looked like - pretty much a waterway.

We drove for 10Kms next to the road on the much drier "off-piste' area, but it was still horribly boggy.

The mud was so sticky, it got between the mudguards and the wheel, and stopped it turning. 

The 110 wasn't too fussed by the mud. We had a few interesting moments, but with a locked center diff and the traction control it got through the boggy bits pretty well.

A whole world away from the same section of road on a motorbike!

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