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Visitors with big campers

Visitors with big campers

Jan 18 2014

We had a couple of German visitors last week, who had traveled through to Adelaide from Germany in their 4X4 campers. 

I met Kosta at the Adelaide Mercedes dealer, having a few things looked at on his camper, and invited him to stay up at our farm. A few days later he turned up with his wife Anna, son and young twin daughters.

They had come on a fantastic route from Europe, and because Kosta specialises in organising tour groups and had good government contacts they were able to drive through countries that you normally just cannot drive through, like Tibet, Myanmar and Vietnam.

His Mercedes was 4WD but not especially jacked up with huge ground clearance like we see a lot in Australia.


He towed a well kitted out trailer which had extra beds, a table and a shower/toilet. 

From Adelaide they were heading up into the centre of Australia, and felt a bit sorry for them that the weather was so hot. On the day they left it was 43 in Adelaide, so it would have been well past that at their destination of Coober Pedy.

Was most impressed at how many languages Kosta and Anna could speak, and their fantastic English. Their two year old twins speak Russian, German and English!!


A week later, Wolfgang and Carmelita turned up in their big MAN camper.  I had been following a blog of some of their friends called Conny and Tommy (Mantoco), who gave them our details, so it was a bit of an obscure introduction!

It turned out they had been travelling with Kosta through Indonesia and they went their own ways after landing in Darwin, it was strange that both of our visitors knew each other!


This is their camouflaged MAN 10.220. Wolfgang converted it himself over a few years.

Everything is set out neatly, with many cupboards, shelves and hidey-holes to store all their gear.


Lots of thought has gone into the build, and it felt quite spacious inside even though it was nearly a metre shorter than our canopy.

They have taken off to Kangaroo Island for a week, but will call back at the farm on their way west to Perth.


This is Wolfgang & Carmelita, just as they were leaving to start the next leg of their journey across to Perth in WA.

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