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First use of my Plasma Cutter - a prototype bracket

First use of my Plasma Cutter - a prototype bracket

Jun 28 2014

It's not very exciting really, but I was actually pretty excited to cut my first thing with my new PlasmaCam plasma cutter!!

I am half way through installing the "water system" on the truck, details of which I will put up on a new blog shortly, but to achieve this I needed to make a small bracket to hold a water filter.   I wanted to make the bracket out of 2mm stainless steel.   Normally I'd do this with a jigsaw and a hole cutter and a file (and mybe some TIG welding), but seeing I have just bought a plasma cutter I thought I'd give that a go.

Also for the first time, I thought I would video the cutter in action, so I have just made my first little video (filmed on my Samsung Galaxy 4) and uploaded to YouTube (which is another first!).



I've never embedded a video in my blog before, so I guess that will require a bit of reading to get it working....


OK - so I just learned about the HTML required to embed a YouTube video.  Seems to work OK!

Am very happy with the way it all works, and even though I want to now re-design the bracket and make prototype II with a few improvements, I can see the benefit of using this machine. The 2nd version will be quick to make, just by adjusting the drawing a bit and re-cutting another bracket.

Here's the initial prototype bracket with the filter in it:

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  Hello don't know if you should have shown that video, with a machine like that you're going to have a lot of friends calling around.
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