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A cover for the cooktop

A cover for the cooktop

Aug 20 2014

Dual purpose cooktop cover

There was an issue with the cooktop, where the burner jets and the support legs were 'free-standing' and would move around over bumps when travelling. One option was to remove the legs and the burners when in transit, but that required more storage space.

A better option was a brainwave I had to put a cover over the top of everything, which held it all together when travelling as well as providing a bit of additional bench space when the cooktop was not needed.

The lid is hinged against the side wall, and is obviously up when the stove needs to be used.

It has a simple clip at the top to hold it in place, and you can see the two hard rubber 'nipples' which press down on the burner rings to keep them in place when we're moving.

The front lip has two super magnets that manage to give some hold even on the stainless steel.

I cut the lid out with my plasma cutter, and folded it up on a brake bender. It is made out of 1.2mm stainless steel. Quite simple to make really.

When the lid is down it doubles up as bench space when we are static, and functions as a restrainer when travelling.

There is a little circlip to forcibly keep it shut over rough corrugations, when the two magnets may not be strong enough on their own. However, over normal roads the two magnets are definitely strong enough.

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