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Cupboards and drawers

Cupboards and drawers

Sep 01 2014

The area underneath the stainless steel bench has been filled in with drawers from Ikea, and we now have cupboard doors too.

I needed to fit a 'brace' in the middle of the narrow cupboard to stop the sink from flexing when weight was put on it. It had a static sag of about 5mm just from the weight of the sink and stove, so the brace brings it back to a level bench and it stops some vibration/resonance of the bechtop too.

These are simply Ikea Rationelle system drawers, which have soft closing rails. Pretty easy to install, and although they are not the lightest solution the weight is not a huge issue when you're building a truck.  If we have any problems with things breaking, we can always get replacement items from any Ikea shop around Australia.

It is looking a lot tidier now with the cupboard doors on :)  

I still need to get some latches to positively lock the doors closed whilst in transit. Even though I have industrial strength (8Kg) magnets holding the doors closed I'll feel happier with some 100% latching system for travel over big corrugations.

BTW - the little monitor on the wall in the bottom right of the photo is a gas detection meter.  It will pick up traces of gas (propane or butane) and sound an alarm, much like a smoke alarm.

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