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Sink/Stove Overhead Cupboard

Sink/Stove Overhead Cupboard

Sep 18 2014

This cupboard is going to be for foodstuff, like boxes of pasta, tinned food, cereals, and containers of cooking ingredients like flour, sugar and so on. The door to this cupboard will stay open when we are stopped, as it is high enough so you don't hit your head on it. 

It is around half the depth of the bench underneath so you can lean forward somewhat when washing dishes or cooking and not hit your head on the front of the cupboard (400mm deep compared to the bench at 650mm deep).

The main section locks down for transit with a large door that opens upwards, and an area for the microwave at the other end.

Underneath there is a grease filter which works with the extractor fan to get rid of fumes from cooking.  Above the microwave is a blower fan (that is actually a bilge blower from a yachting shop) to act as the extractor fan. There is a Muller Vent above the cupboard for venting cooking fumes outside.

The microwave is an inverter model without the usual rotating tray that is common in most household units. Even though the food doesn't rotate it still cooks evenly. No platter to dislodge or break over corrugations!  And it was only a couple of hundred dollars which is very good value.



I've also fitted a digital lock on the main door so we can lock the cabin without needing to take a key with us, which will be useful if we want to go swimming at the beach and don't have any pockets to put the keys.
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