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Crockery drawer

Crockery drawer

Sep 28 2014

I couldn't find any elegant solution to storing crockery safely to cope with rough roads. Ikea had a few interesting holders, but not space efficient.

So, I had a go at designing my own. The first prototype used curved aluminium in the profile of each of the plates to stop them moving around. A rubber stopper at the back prevented vertical movement and the curved aluminium gripped the plates lightly so there was no forward/backward movement.  However, it was a hugely inefficient use of space.

It was very lightweight, and the plates hardly moved at all, but I went back to the drawing board for version II because I could really find a good place to fix it into a cupboard and wherever it ended up it would consume such a lot of space.

For my next version I went the stacked plate idea into an existing Ikea drawer.  The curved aluminium idea was used to hold the large bowls again, but this time in a stack.

I worked out a profile that I could slot down in front of the smaller plates/bowls that would both hold them down and hold them up against the back of the drawer.

The profile was made from HDPE and sits in the slots on each side of the drawer.

There is a wide 'springy' tongue on top to press down on the stack of plates to stop them moving up and down, and a couple of 'feet' to hold the dinner plates in place.

This is how it all fits together with the plates.

When the drawer is closed the top of the profile is a snug fit under the top of the drawer, and there practically no movement or play when the drawer is shut.

The actual plates are "Corelle" vitreous glass, made in the USA. These are triple laminated sheets of glass which are extremely strong and very light. I found them at a local BigW shop for about $60 for the whole set.  Bargain!  Tougher than china plates, and a whole lot nicer than eating off of aluminium or plastic plates.

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