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Got a ute!

Got a ute!

Dec 15 2015

Decided I needed a ute to carry stuff, rather than hooking up a trailer or trying to cram it into the back of the Land Rover 110 Defender.

So I've ended up with an Extra-Cab Ford Ranger Ute, much to everyone's surprise!

I bought a manual (6 speed) with the 3.2 litre 5 cylinder engine. 470Nm of torque is very nice!

It is a really well designed vehicle, with lots of little surprising things that I didn't expect in a car at this price point. Things that have made me smile have been:

  • One touch blinkers - press once to get 3 indicator flashes
  • Digital Radio (DAT)
  • The windscreen wipers are delayed by a second or two when you use the squirters, so you don't wipe a dry windscreen
  • Adaptive cruise control, just like an S Class Mercedes!
  • Automatic headlights that go to/from high beam when another vehicle approaches
  • A gear change indicator to tell you to shift up a gear for better fuel economy
  • Speed limiter, so you set it to the speed limit and you won't go over it. Brilliant for our speed-trap infested roads.

There's been a lot of thought put into everything.


So far the only things that gives me the irrits is:

  • the 'bonging' noise when you put the key in the ignition whilst the door is still open
  • The sat-nav took us on a strange detour whilst driving down a main road, and then took us back to the same main road!

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