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Super Single Rims

Super Single Rims

Jul 01 2013

The first job was to replace the skinny standard tyres with super singles. The 15.290 comes from the factory with dual rear wheels, and for off-road use we wanted to change these to Super Singles.

Adelaide Wheel & Rim manufactured five 8 stud rims for us. The blanks they started with were 10 stud (the most popular size, most Japanese truckes use this hub pattern) so they had to have their holes welded up and re-drilled as 8 stud blanks.

There was a lot of measuring and tack welding and test fitting along the way, but we eventually ended up with these:

22.5 inch diameter rims, 11.75 inches wide. Offset from the hub face to the outer lip of the rim was 55mm (just over 2 inches). All 5 rims have the same offset, so all rims can fit on either the front or the rear axle. Each rim weighs about 45Kg.

Next step. Get some rubber to fit!

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