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Visitors in a Unimog

Visitors in a Unimog

Feb 07 2016

Iain and Tricia's U1250 Mog

We had a visit from Iain and Tricia, who are from Queensland, and on a shakedown trip in their converted Unimog.

Here's a bunch of photos to show what it's like!

Iain has built it basically from scratch, with a huge amount of hand and custom fabrication. It started out as a bright orange ex-Railway (?) vehicle with a big Hiab crane on the back.

He's replaced huge amounts of running gear, like wheel bearings and engine components, and completely refurbished the cabin.

One thing that contrasts hugely with our MAN is the size of the cabin. I am always surprised at how 'cosy' Unimog cabins are.

If you have an hour or two to spare, you can read his build thread over on Expedition Portal: link



The interior has lots of nautical themes and is beautifully finished.

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