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Windows are going in

Windows are going in

Dec 04 2013

The beautifully made windows are being fitted this week.

They were hand made by a local Adelaide company called Complete Sliding Windows. They were excellent to deal with and managed to custom design a large "dual opening' window for the seating/table area. It's a great design, whereby you can slide open the window if you want a small amount of ventilation (and flyscreen protection), or you can open the whole thing out at almost 90 degrees so it becomes a huge opening.

The flyscreen material is very thick mesh, like Amplimesh, so even if the vehicle is left with the windows are open you can't just cut the screens to break into it. The flywire is also a "one-way vision" mesh, where you can see out, but it is difficult to see in.

There are 6 windows going into the build:
  • Entrance door
  • Main area (seating/table area)
  • Kitchen bench
  • Toilet/shower
  • Side of the bed
  • End of the bed

The main window in the living area is a special 2 way design.

It can either slide open, so the flyscreen is effective, and gives 50% ventilation. Or it can open out to almost 90 degrees so the whole window is open (although there is no flyscreen 'protection' in this case).

When we installed it, the gas struts were not strong enough to hold it out at 90 degrees, so these need to get changed over for some uprated versions.

With the struts replaced, the window stays open all on its own :)

View from the other side of the main window.

The window in the door opens vertically.

The whole canopy feels brighter and much more airy with the windows in (of course). The windows make it look much more like a camper than a delivery truck.

BTW - Complete Sliding Windows don't have a web site (otherwise I'd put in a link to it) but you can find them easily on the web. They are in Windsor Gardens.

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