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Lots of progress in a short time!

Lots of progress in a short time!

Dec 11 2013

Quite a few things have been sorted out this week:

  • The water tank has been fitted to the chassis
  • The fuel filter has been relocated so the underslung storage cupboard can be fitted
  • The spring system which holds the canopy down onto the chassis has been laid out
  • Internal masking of the cabin has been done, ready for internal painting

Now that the bulk of the canopy building has been done, things have moved on to other areas that have been sitting around. The canopy is being readied for painting so that means the chassis can get some attention.

The refurbished water tank has been fitted into the gap between the batteries and the rear wheel on the passenger side. No pumps or piping just yet. That will wait until the canopy is on so I can see how I get the water to the sink/hot water service/shower/etc.

The fuel filter was originally set between the fuel tank and the rear wheel, and it sort of still is but it has been relocated to be right next to the fuel tank to make more room to fit the steel cupboard.


A bit or re-manufacturing on the bracket and swapping things around 180 degrees, and there is a lot more room for the cupboard.

The mechanism for holding the canopy down to the chassis, whilst still allowing things to move around and flex a bit is getting fitted.


The wood blocks are 20mm spacers to give some room for compression/expansion of the springs when the chassis twists. We are going to start with the spring bolts tightened to 50Nm and we'll see how that goes.


There are 4 sets of these per side.

The interior has all been masked off, so only the aluminium strips are showing. This will all be acid etched, primed and painted white.
So now it sits in the paint shop waiting for all the internal spraying to take place.


Once the internals are sprayed, then all the external aluminium is next.

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