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Grey rims on the 110 Defender

Grey rims on the 110 Defender

Nov 04 2013

I thought I'd go back to the standard Boost Alloy wheels on the 110, but thought they might look better if they were darker, so I sprayed them a Porsche metallic colour called "Agate Grey". I'd done a few years on Michelin XZY's on Wolf rims but they're not really suitable for bitumen driving, which is all I am doing at the moment, so I pulled out the original rims from the shed and spruced them up. They only had about 1000 Kms on them, so virtually brand new tyres.

It didn't take that long to spray the rims.  The worst part of the job was trying to break the beads, and I had to make a bead breaker out of a 2m length of steel to do the job. I didn't take the tyres right off the rims, just pushed them down away from the rim. That way I didn't need to re-balance them at all.

Sanded the rims with 240 grit. Coat of etch primer. Coat of 2-pack paint. Coat of 2-pack clear finish. All done in one day (with all the waiting for drying). Total cost was $50 for 1L of paint, but I only used 200ml so I've got enough for another 4 sets!!

Not sure what I think about the dark wheels with a dark green vehicle - maybe a bit heavy.

Maybe the darker rims suit a lighter coloured car better?
This is how it looked with the previous rims on.

I did think about spraying them white, but couldn't find any pictures of what Boost Alloys might look like in white, so I went the conventional darker colour.


Edit: A quick edit after a couple of months to say that the grey has grown on me, and now I quite like it!!


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