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1955 Series I SWB Land Rover For Sale

1955 Series I SWB Land Rover For Sale

May 24 2014

I'd like to sell our 1955 Series I Land Rover SWB, so I'll put up a "For Sale" post in a couple of places and direct them over here with a link.

It has been used on our farm for the last 6 or 7 years, so it has not had a lot of love and affection, but underneath all that patina is a restoration project waiting to happen.

It had a 'ground up' restoration in 1993, and I have dozens of photos of the rebuild and lots of receipts of all the parts that got renewed.

The good:

  • Engine and gearbox are in good condition.  I think it is the original 2.0 litre engine.
  • Chassis is good for its age
  • Brakes have been refurbished a few weeks ago (new master cylinder + all wheel slave cylinders + brake drum skimming)
  • It has a nice patina in the bodywork.  Not pristine, but suitable for a vehicle of its age
  • Near new tyres
  • Upholstery is good
  • Oil changed a couple of hundred Kms ago + Valve gaps regularly checked/set + new spark plugs
  • Radiator does not leak
  • New front Prop Shaft
  • Currently registered - SA plates
  • Always stored under cover
  • Comes with an original Land Rover manual & lots of photos of the 1993 rebuild
  • Almost ... no oil leaks!

The bad:

  • Blinkers don't work
  • Engine idles a bit roughly and a bit fast. Needs someone who knows about old engines to time it properly/set the carbie.
  • The canopy needs repair work, or you could use the existing canopy as a template to make a new one
  • Needs new HT leads
  • Charge light sometimes comes on with the engine running, but battery doesn't seem to be going flat, so not sure what that is about
  • Speedo does not work after the work on the brakes was done last month. Not sure why - maybe the mechanic disturbed something when doing the master cylinder.

No idea what to price it at, at the moment!  I did a quick check on CarSales and prices ranged from $6K to $14K, so that is a wide range!!

Give me a call on (08) 8398 0324 or 0407 87 44 54 if you want some more information.  We are up in the Adelaide Hills BTW (Balhannah),

Here are some photos, and a short YouTube video at the end:














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