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Sides are up

Sides are up

Nov 06 2013

The insulated sides are up!  It is starting to look like a canopy now, and we can get a good idea of how big it is in real life instead of comparing it to our bathroom.

The windows which were ordered 2 or 3 months ago have been inexplicably delayed. Something to do with a shortage of tempered glass. We'll have to delay cutting all the window holes due to this, which is a shame. It would be a lot easier to fit them before the roof is fitted, but that's not going to happen.

It started with the rear panel, as that was easiest to hold up with the framework of the bed structure and the frame of the garage area.

The framework for the bed base is a bit of overkill, but am thinking it might be used to support a winch of some sort to lift the spare tyre into the cupboard under the bed. Given that the tyre weighs 140Kg or something then it will probably be useful to have a solid winch point.


Then the other 3 walls were clipped to the rear to make a topless box, and the sheet to make the bed base was added.  

This photo is standing on the bed base looking back towards the entrance door.


This is looking back to the bed base. The hole in the wall above the bed is a cupboard to store light/soft stuff.  General rule on the storage is going to be: The heavier it is, the lower it gets stored.


Holes cut for the entry door and the garage door.
The gap you can see between the sheets will be filled with a 90 degree aluminium angle, riveted to the fiberglass sheets, sprayed white to blend in.



And another cut-out for the under-bed storage door on the drivers side.



Although it's a bit hard to tell before the roof is fitted, it feels quite spacious inside, and it has a good amount of headroom (2,100mm).

The next step is to plan where all the 12v wiring has to be laid, so it can be encased in conduit and covered by the aluminium edge strip.

I've also ordered one of these Air-Command Ibis air-conditioners. Low profile and lots of stainless steel (it is the marine version):  Ibis Airconditioner  It's reverse cycle, so can heat the cabin as well if needed.

While all the internal work had been going on, the truck has been left sitting outside neglected. It has a fair collection of spider webs!

Somehow the battery isolator switch got left on, so now I have 2 very flat truck batteries that read 3.6v, so I hope they haven't been damaged.

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