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MAN Camper: The starting point

MAN Camper: The starting point

Jun 25 2013

This is what we started with:

A pretty standard MAN 15.290 4x4 cab-chassis, shown here in the dealers yard before we picked it up.

Features include:

  • Dual Cab (DoKa)
  • 4x4 with 3 diff locks (centre/front/rear)
  • 12 speed manual gearbox with automated clutch (2 speeds in reverse). 
  • 3 Drive 'programs' for the gearbox: for on-road, off-road and crawling + 2 for reverse
  • Low range transfer gearbox
  • Parabolic springs on the front
  • Air springs on the rear
  • Disk Brakes all around, with ABS
  • Euro 5 engine - No AdBlue or DPF required (uses an EGR system)
  • Twin turbo chargers - 290HP
  • Dual airconditioners (front and rear of cabin)
  • Air suspension seats for both driver and navigator
  • 15 tonne GVW
  • 300L fuel tank. Estimated fuel consumption is around 25-26 litres/100Km, so a range of over 1,000Km.

It came standard with twin dual rear wheels, running 11" road tyres, so the first item on the to-do list was to swap these out for a set of super single rims/tyres with a somewhat more off-road biased pattern.


This is the 2nd airconditioner in the cab:



The instrument console:



ISRI air-suspension heated drivers seat. Passenger seat was ordered the same (the standard passenger seat was just a regular seat without air-suspension or heating).



Roof hatch



Passenger side rear view. Note that it came with a vertical exhaust pipe behind the cab, which we got the dealer to remove before delivery. The exhaust is now directed down to the ground just beside the centre transfer gearbox:



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